Italian Finishes

So, do you want some new colors for your home something exclusive colors? If yes, you are at right place! Here at Eco Porcelainic MicroCement, you will find authentic and Italian plaster finishes. We use materials that are imported from Italy. From ceiling and walls to fireplaces, Italian finishes can boost nearly every corner of your sweet home or office and people just can’t get enough of it! But why? This is because we are still considered new and exclusive in regards to decorative furnishes.

Eco Porcelainic MicroCement consists natural material, traditional methods, and modern technology. Standard colors are generated in a wide range for each Italian Plaster finishes.

Why Eco Porcelainic MicroCement

The joy of Eco Porcelainic MicroCement is flexible. It is unique in style and range. We consist a variety of luxury London Italian finishes for architectural applications in commercial and residential interiors and outdoors. Further, we use organic chemicals that encompass high vapor pressure at normal room temperature.

The Man behind Eco Porcelainic MicroCement is Marian Merticariu

Marian Merticariu is the sole owner of registered Eco Porcelainic MicroCement.  Born in London he efficiently unites the realm of art, design, and business in a beautiful manner. In simple words, Marian Merticariu is a lifetime enthusiast for generating an innovative approach to art, color, and design.

He connects this susceptibility with an entrepreneurial tactic and a global outlook that has taken Eco Porcelainic MicroCement from all over the London. The love of art and his cognizance of color, texture has driven the development of Eco Porcelainic as a flexible tool for inventive and ground-breaking designers and architects. That’s why Eco Porcelainic MicroCement is intensely spiced with a reliable Italian style, luxury, and flair.

Variety of textures

We consist a variety of Italian finishes, each with diverse colors and textured effect. Some encompass a heavier stucco finish. Moreover, an effort to examine the precise texture, our clients many times ask to keep a couple of sample boards of the Italian finishes of London so as to test out on various locations of their home or business. You can check out some of the samples on our website

Hence, contact us today to arrange talk session with one of our well-regarded London Italian finished professionals