Polish Plaster

Eco Porcelainic MicroCement using polish plaster since the middle ages to generate astonishing finishes. Nowadays, they are called by many different names like some people often called Marbled plaster or polish plaster as they can attain classic finishes. Talking deeply about there description, they has shiny, smooth and marble like.

Moreover, we create three types to attain different finishes. Our Venetian Plaster is made through a traditional formula that is based on our fragile seasoned lime plaster and the finest Italian marble dust together with natural waxes and oils. It has no cement, pitches or any sort of acrylics. We supply it in various colors, plus brilliant white also generate a color matching service. Besides, Venetian polished plaster is intended to be a plastered in very thin coats with special trowels. The overall thickness will generally be between 0.5 and 1mm, the number of coats depends on the desired effect.

Our Team

Eco Porcelainic MicroCement consists a skillful team of artisans that generate exceptional surface finishes for classic and contemporary design. We offer specialist decorative polished plaster finishes that are especially used in the modern construction industry with color and finishes matching. Our professional and skilled team provide a fresh and innovative approach to interior design.

There is a broad spectrum of natural products made from the finest of Italian lime to choose from. A fortune of textured polished plaster of London finished can be found with traditional Venetian Stucco, generated with coarse or superfine lime plasters. These finishes are lightly enhanced so as to have a smooth surface with decorative pilling within, and this form to an antique look which may be boosted further with finished of Terrano decorative polished plaster of London.

Why us?

We work together with some of London’s and the UK major companies as well as well-known interior designers and architects generating stunning Venetian Polished plaster interiors that we are extremely proud of. Apart from this, you must be thinking what makes our services stand out from the rest? Basically, instead of problems, we provide professional and thorough services solutions to our clients.

Moreover, Eco Porcelainic MicroCement provides a simple and measured tactic that help in exceeding our client expectation.

You can be sure that we have the proper business systems and experience to handle all your polished plaster projects expertly from start to end. Working with you from initial planning, offering bespoke colors matched and products samples always putting our client’s needs at the top of our agenda through to completion where opportunities are not only met but exceeded. No matter the project size or complexity, we are the right team for you.