Stucco Plaster

We Eco Porcelainic MicroCement UK based provide the Stucco Plaster service. Applying stucco outside your house can look pretty. In simple words, it enhances the value of your home for various reasons.  Further, stucco needs low maintenance and it’s an energy efficient, add huge curb appeal to your home exterior. This will not only increase the value of your home but these benefits permit you to apply for improved home insurance premiums. The best thing about Eco Porcelainic MicroCement is that it reaches nearly too all sub base since it’s a joint free. If you want, you can give a personal touch by modifying the colors. Our stucco polished plaster is perfectly right for all types of floors.

We consist a number of different textures, molding, and designs that will give you the look you desire. We work with professional designers and contractors to get you the amazing and finished results you are searching for.

Benefits of Stucco plaster

They are not required to paint repeatedly, reinstalled or replaced. Additionally, if you feel like your walls are getting dirty either you can wash your walls with a power washer or if you want you can paint the stucco whenever you are in need of a change. Apart from this, we provide new and repair work. With ecomicrocement, you can increase the appearance of your sweet home.

Conventionally there are many people think stucco as an exterior finish only. Yet, if you desire you can add texture and visual effects to other areas of your house like it can be your fireplace, accent walls etc.

Pride in Our Work

“Let your wall be our masterpiece.”

Ecomicrocement believed that the customer deserves good care, special attention, and competitive prices. This all should be treated with all dignity and respect. We complete all the projects on the date that is scheduled by our clients. We never delay our client’s works while maintaining the finest quality of work. We take pride in providing outstanding quality and excellent services.

On a concluding note, whether your projects consist commercial, exterior, or interior applications, our artistic methods and products keep us in the cut-throat industries. From applying Stucco to producing creative concrete finishes, our skilled and professional’s team know exactly how to attain the effect you desire. Go green with energetic well-organized exterior stucco and attain an appealing look with all the maintenance.